December 10, 2009: Another Packing Day

Our days are long and boring.  Packing is no fun and we make very little progress between Dominica having to watch Liesl most of the day and I having to work and rip CDs all day we get very little time to get boxes packed and then loaded into the car and driven over to the storage unit.  This is going to take forever even though we can see progress happening at a good clip.  I suppose once we have the books in the basement out of the way we will see things change very rapidly.  Those are the single largest item to be packed and are by far the heaviest items so they take forever.  Load after load to the storage unit is just my books and my back and right knee are none too happy about me carrying all of them.  Once the boxes are larger and lighter maybe the whole process will accelerate and we will be doing okay.  In two days, I estimate, I will also be done with the CD transfers and then I will have that extra time to put into traditional packing too.

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