December 26, 2009: Video Game Shopping

I am still pretty sick today.  I got a good deal of sleep last night and my sinuses are definitely improved but still not great.  Brittany has today off of work even though Joe has to work all day so she went over to the Grices’ with Dominica and I.  We were all starving so we decided to swing into Waffle House on the way so that we could get some breakfast.  It turns out that Brittany has never eaten at a Waffle House!

It turns out that she has still not eaten at one as the wait to get in to eat was way too long so we went to Cracker Barrel instead which only had a ten minute wait.  The same Cracker Barrel that we ate at the last time that we were in League City.

After breakfast we were over to the Grices’ where the Carl clan has arrived from Arlington to visit for the day and tomorrow morning.  We hung out at the Grices’ for a while and then Brittany, Madeline, Emily and I ran out to Game Stop and did some shopping.  I picked up a bunch of Nintendo DS games including: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicals Echoes of Time, Suikoden, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, a Nancy Drew title and Fire Emblem (the remake of the original.)  It was a good haul.  Brittany had decided to go to Game Stop so that she could stock up on Wii games for her new Wii system that she got for Christmas for which she does not yet have any games except for Wii Sports which comes with the platform.

Not too much news today.  Just spent the day hanging out with the family.  We are all worn out from driving, Christmas, etc.

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