December 27, 2009: Mario Bros Wii Day

We are still pretty tired today but feeling a little better.  My big project for the day, besides working for the office, was to get caught up on SGL updates.  The “move” is pretty much over at this point so now I can focus on getting everything back the way that it should be.  The overhead of the move has been killing me.  I am so relieved to have it basically done.  Maybe that is why I am feeling so sick and run down now – I put all of my energy into getting the move done and now that there is no more completely pressing need for me to keep pressing forward I am collapsing and everything is catching up with me.

I got paged out this morning around four thirty and so was up for about two hours in the wee hours of the morning before getting to go back to bed for a little while.  So much for getting lots of sleep.  It wasn’t too bad of a night though.  I am still feeling more rested and overall much better this morning.

Once we were finally all together we headed on over to the Grices’ arriving around ten thirty or so.

Last night and today there are a lot of people playing the New Super Mario Bros. Wii game that is the first 2D member of the Super Mario Bros. series in a very, very long time.  It has a lot of the look and feel of the classics like Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World (my personal favourite of the series) but is widescreen (and in 480p, of course) and now allows for four players simultaneous which is pretty cool.  This is a great innovation with the series and is executed pretty well.  This is one popular game that is really hard for people to get their hands on these days.  Brittany tried to get a copy yesterday and they just giggled at her.  Unfortunately the game only allows local multiplayer and does not allow people to cooperate online which would have been very nice since a lot of the family would like to play this game together in that way.

For dinner this evening we went out to Texas City to the Grand Prize BBQ to celebrate Dominica’s mom’s birthday.  The food was good and they had fried catfish for Dominica and I which was really tasty.  After dinner we went back to the Grices’ for cake and for Elizabeth to open her presents.

Dominica, Liesl and I were really tired so decided to head back to Joe and Britt’s house around eight thirty (central time – I am starting to get adjusted to that) so that we could relax some.

I am posting a little early and calling it a night.  SGL is up to date!  Yay!  Look for regular updates once again now that we are starting to get settled in to our new lives here in Texas.

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