January 21, 2010: Random Words in a Title

Today is another gorgeous, sunny, seventy degree plus day in Las Colinas, Texas.  It is very hard to believe that it is January.  In addition to having slight jet lag caused by the constant switching between eastern and central time we are also experiencing season lag as it feels like late spring but is actually the middle of winter.

Last night we had our first tornado warnings since moving here although we did not even see any rain let alone a tornado.  Not too far away from us, though, they were getting golf ball sized hail.

It was a very nice walk into the office this morning.  Busy morning and then the guys went to Firehouse Subs for lunch.  While there John and I discovered that they have their own, in-house Datil pepper sauce!  I am very excited about that.  Datil sauces are very hard to get outside of Florida.  Of course, Firehouse Subs is from Jacksonville, Florida so the Datil is their local pepper coming from St. Augustine.

On the way back to the office I got dropped off at home to deliver Dominica her sub that I picked up for her.  That tends to work out pretty well since we live so close.  Then I walked Oreo and hung out with Liesl for a little bit and then walked back to the office.  So today is only a three leg walking day rather than a full four.  I appear to have dropped two inch notches on my belt since moving to Texas which is awesome.  I walk everyday and have almost no desire to eat dessert which is really weird for me.

The afternoon at work was quite busy, as every day has been.  I ended up working pretty late tonight and after everyone had gone Dominica drove over and picked me up and we went out for dinner at Mi Cocina on MacArthur which is quite close to us here.  I had eaten at Mi Cocina the other day with the guys from the office and the food was really good so I was looking to try it again and Dominica has not had much opportunity to get good TexMex yet since coming to Las Colinas.

Dinner was quite good.  We really like the Americanized Mexican food there (it is nearly impossible to get true Mexican anywhere in the US, even in Texas.)  We will definitely be coming back and making this a regular stop.  We continue to be amazed by the low cost of food, even pretty fancy food, here in Texas.

After dinner we went back home and attempted to get to bed early as we are pretty tired but Liesl continues to be miserable.  She is teething horribly as four molars are trying to come in and she is having a terrible time dealing with it.

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  1. Scott – thanks for your support of Firehouse Subs! We appreciate your love of our Capt. Sorensen’s Datil Pepper Hot Sauce – it’s our own special recipe named in honor of our founders’ father, Capt. Robert Sorensen, a 43-year firefighting veteran. You might want to try the sauce as a chicken marinade or pair it up with your favorite omelet and home fries – it’s delish. Thanks again for the enthusiasm!

    Your friends at Firehouse Subs

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