January 7, 2010: Someone Looked at Our House

Today’s big news is that, for the first time, someone went and looked at our house in Peekskill!  This is a really big deal since no one has been looking at houses at all thus far.  Just having someone go through our house is a major accomplishment.

Of course, there wasn’t any interest in our house, but that seems like it would have been too much to ask.  The official response from the real estate agent was that the people who viewed the house were only interested in an end unit.  That, of course, begs the question as to why they were looking at middle units.  Hmmm…

I worked from home for a while this morning until my paperwork was all set for my security badge.  It is extra cold today so I don’t want to do more walking than necessary out there.

Once everything was ready for my badge I walked in to the office and spent quite a long time walking around the campus attempting to find the building where my badge was being handled.  Of course it easily tripled the amount of time that I had to be outside exposed to the elements than if I had just needed to walk from home to my own office.

I have my badge now and am able to come and go in the Irving campus which will make work a lot more easy.

Very little to report.  We are awaiting furniture for our new apartment.  Dominica ordered some inflatable chairs that we are going to test out and see how well they work.  I think that they might work out but Dominica is pretty sure that they will not.

The apartment is completely empty.  Liesl’s room has literally nothing in it except for her pack and play.  Our room has a suitcase on the floor and an air mattress, that is it.  The living room just has the one office chair that we bought so that we were not kneeling on the floor to use a laptop and Liesl’s pop up play room.  Seriously bare.

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