February 1, 2010: Liesl Knows No Stranger

Got up early this morning, which is surprising considering what a long weekend it was.  But given all of the stuff that was done over the weekend I felt that I should probably get up early and get on the phone and check in with people to make sure that everything was working okay.  Dominica slept in for a little bit but was up pretty early as well.

Dominica ended up having a rather busy day.  She was on the phone almost all day dealing with migration wrap up stuff.  It was a good day for her overall though.  It could have been bad but was really just busy.

At lunch I came home and helped her out with a few issues that she was having and hung out with Oreo and Liesl.  I am feeling a bit under the weather today – probably from the late nights this weekend.  I have a sinus infection or a cold or something similar.  It is very hard to tell.

After work this evening I came home and Dominica was going to make dinner but I reminded her just how long of a weekend it was and what a busy day she had today and she agreed that we should probably go out to dinner.  I was in the mood for pizza so we went to Boston’s.

We went to Boston’s and I got the 32oz Shiner Bock.  I am very glad that they have a 32oz size which is a more appropriate beer size than you normally get in the US.  In Germany beer comes in a liter which is 33.8oz so this is just a tiny bit smaller.  Close enough though.

Liesl had a great time at dinner.  The manager came over to check on us and Liesl decided that the manager needed to hold her!  We were about the only people at the restaurant so the manager took Liesl and walked around with her.  All of the staff was really doting on her.  They gave her a balloon too.  The manager’s mother and daughter were the only other people eating at the restaurant so Liesl went over and hung out with them.  Liesl thought that it was a really great time.

We ate way too much food and then headed home for the evening.  Our goal for tonight is to just get to bed and to catch up on some sleep.

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