January 31, 2010: Visiting Family in Mansfield

Dominica and I were both completely exhausted this morning.  It was after four in the morning when we finally called it a night and I had to be up around eight today.  Dominica and Liesl slept until around nine thirty but that only helped a little.

I worked for a few hours while Dominica got ready so that we could go.  Then at eleven or so we drove down to Arlington to meet up with her aunt and then we followed her down to Mansfield, which is south of Arlington, where several of Dominica’s cousins, aunt and other extended family live.

We had a really nice time visiting with the family today.  It was great seeing people that we haven’t seen in over a year and almost no one had every met Liesl before – the last major family gathering was at Papa’s funeral one month before Liesl was born – so it was a big chance for her to get introduced to everyone.  We got to meet a lot of the “kids” of Liesl’s generation ourselves as there are many that we have never met before including Samantha, Liesl’s second cousin, who is just seven months younger than Liesl.  It is rare for Liesl to not be the littlest of the children.  She definitely liked having a baby around.

We hung out for several hours.  It was  a very nice day.  Then we headed home and stopped by at Waffle House for dinner in Grand Prairie.

This evening we spent a bit of time working on cleanup work from the migration that we did last night and getting more websites moved over to the Rackspace Cloud.  I am loving using them so far.  Very easy and very powerful.

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