February 2, 2010: Sugar Sugar

Still feeling a bit under the weather today.  My sinus infection is not getting any better.  I did get some sleep last night, though.

Off to work today but nothing exciting to report.  I came home for lunch today but ended up being on the phone for my entire lunch time at the house and had to run right back to the office.

This evening I worked on getting SugarCRM installed on Rackspace’s Cloud Sites.  The installation was pretty smooth.  This was my first time hooking up a database driven application on Cloud Sites and it required me to modify some system settings to get it working properly but it went well and runs great now that it is installed.

I hope to get a chance to install several different applications on the Cloud now.  It is very unfortunate that only PHP, Perl, Python and ASP.NET apps are able to run on Cloud Sites at this point.  I would really like to see Ruby on Jails and Java available on it.  If a Java container was available then I could try out LifeRay or Glassfish Web Spaces on it.

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