February 10, 2010: No Lunch Break

I got up early this morning with Liesl while Dominica stayed in bed with a migraine.  Liesl played for a while and then I gave her a shower to help with her sinus congestion.  She has been horrible congested for more than a month now but she loves getting to take a hot shower and it really helps her to be able to breath so we try to do it regularly.

I set Liesl up with her Little People DVD (Volume #11) and walked over to Jamba Juice to pick up breakfast for Dominica and the office.  It is $1 oatmeal Wednesdays.  I tried to get a dozen oatmeals but they ran out after nine.  I walked back home with my large bag of oatmeal, put the DVD on again for Liesl as Dominica was still asleep, walked Oreo and then walked in to the office.  It is so warm today that I did not even need to wear a jacket on my walk in.  I did bring one along in case I needed it later, though.

Work was even busier today than it has been yet since I got down here to Texas.  I ended up working so much today that I had to work straight through lunch!  I was on the phone doing conference calls for at least five hours of the day too.  I hate doing conference calls.

By five o’clock I was worthless and completely exhausted.  I called Dominica and she decided that we could go out to eat so she came and picked me up and we went to Rockfish on MacArthur Boulevard for dinner.  I really needed the break from work.

Dinner was really good and Dominica is really sorry that we did not try eating at Rockfish sooner.  They have a great selection there and she is going to be able to find tons of stuff that she is interested in eating.

After dinner we came home and the moment that we were home I looked at my office BlackBerry and noticed that there were urgent messages for me already.  This day will never end.

I ended up working another two hours before being able to finish up for the night.  I was so tired that I could barely look at the screen while I worked.

Finally I got done with work and we all decided to go to bed.  I am pooped.

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