February 9, 2010: … Feeling Like P Diddy

After having gone to bed on the early side last night I got to sleep in late this morning.  Oh was it wonderful.  I really needed that extra sleep.  It wasn’t a lot but it really made a big difference.  I have just been so sick and I really feel like I just need some opportunity to catch up on sleep and give my body a chance to fight back a little.

Work was crazy busy again today.  Very little time to relax in any way.

For lunch today John and I went to Jason’s Deli which is a very popular option around here.  Everyone goes there all of the time but, thus far, not with me.  So it was nice to get to check it out.

I was impressed with Jason’s Deli – it is a very large place with quite a large menu.  Lots of food that I would like to eat there so I see myself going back often.  I got a huge tuna melt today with some vegetable soup.  Pretty healthy and a good amount of food.

I stopped back at the house, walked Oreo and walked back to the office.  The afternoon was very busy and I was in the office until quite late.  Then I walked home in the dark and Dominica made me a frozen pizza for dinner.

Dominica’s big project tonight is looking at our health insurance.  We got really screwed when we moved to Texas that her old employer forced us to move from a $1,000 per month plan to an over $1,200 per month plan and told us that no other plan was available.  (We have more recently learned that under federal law former employers offering Cobra are allowed to charge a 20% premium on top of their health plans meaning that they earn a substantial amount of money by scamming their former employees into extra expensive health insurance plans.)  Dominica did some research and discovered that they had a plan, that was actually better for us, for just about $750.  That was a savings of almost $500 per month!  Not only does it save us that much every month but is also reduces our cost for each of Liesl’s doctor visits by about $15 for every single visit!  And the plan has a doctor located right across the street no more than fifty yards from our door.

We relaxed some tonight by watching a few episodes from the second season of Torchwood via Netflix on demand.  We really wanted to wait to get them on BluRay but Dominica is not good at waiting patiently so we ended up watching them on demand instead.  Dominica is a perfect user for someone like Netflix since she cannot wait for Amazon to two-day deliver stuff to us.

I am definitely feeling some better today.  I am far from completely health but I have real improvement today.

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