February 3, 2010: It’s Payday!

Our big news is that I have gotten paid today!  What a relief that is.  This is my first paycheck, other than getting paid for a single day, since we left New York in late December. Obviously we have bills piling up and we have been becoming a bit concerned that there was never going to be any money and that things were going to get really bad quite soon.

Today is Wednesday and that means that it is dollar oatmeal day at Jamba Juice.  So before work I walked over there and picked up a large Coldbuster smoothie for myself and eight oatmeals to take into the office.  I swung back to the apartment and dropped off one oatmeal for Dominica and then walked to work.  It was a little late by the time that I finally got into the office but I did not want to get myself up too early today as I am still not feeling well from my sinus infection and I need sleep in order to get better.

I came home at lunch today.  I really was not feeling all that well.  I had another call at lunch today that ate up pretty much all of my time but it looks like we have managed to line up some sponsors for SpiceCorps events which is awesome.  Getting good sponsorship seems to be key in getting good attendance and interest going.

This afternoon while I was at work Dominica went out furniture shopping.  We are just getting used furniture rather then buying new or renting.  That makes it far cheaper as we really only need it for six months.  It was too late in the day by the time that Dominica got over to the used furniture warehouse so they were not able to deliver it today but they will be delivering tomorrow.  Only one more evening without furniture.  We can not wait until we have something on which to sit!

I was really feeling bad this afternoon and decided that I needed to leave work early today.  So at four I came home.  Not a real early end for the day but it was definitely better than staying rather late which is what usually happens.

For dinner tonight we ordered Thai from Blu Ginger and I walked over to get it.  We did our best to get to bed early tonight.  I am going to stay home from work tomorrow.  Maybe being home will help me to feel better.

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