January 27, 2010: Liesl is Showing Improvement

Liesl did not sleep through the night last night but she has been worse so we might be seeing improvement.  No real improvement is due for at least forty-eight hours so we really should not be seeing anything yet.

This morning I started the day by walking to Jamba Juice to pick up the Wednesday special $1 oatmeal and bringing breakfast home for Dominica.  I got oatmeal for myself and a ColdBuster juice and headed to the office.

I walked to work.  Nothing too exciting to report.  The big news today is that Apple is announcing the iPad.  Big whoop.  I’m not sure who cares but certainly not me.  Just a big iPhone and the iPhone wasn’t very interesting so this sure isn’t.

For lunch today, John and I drove out to Waffle House which is about five miles away from the office.  Originally several people were going to go with us but everyone decided that they didn’t want to go.  We are troopers, though, and wanted to get our weekly supply of butter.

I got home on the late side from work and Dominica and I decided that we wanted more oatmeal so I walked over to Jamba Juice again and picked up more oatmeal and a pineapple smoothie for me.  Then I brought it back home and we ate dinner while watching Doctor Who.

We got to bed around eleven tonight.  Liesl went to sleep pretty early tonight.  Fingers crossed that tonight will be a good night.  She needs good sleep to be able to heal.  We all need some sleep around here.

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