January 28, 2010: Early Start

I woke up just after three this morning.  Liesl was still asleep, a miracle.  I was pretty much completely awake so I got up, showered, dressed, made my coffee, walked Oreo and decided that I might as well go to work since everyone was still asleep and if I did anything around the apartment I was pretty likely to wake them up.  So I took my coffee and headed out the door.

I arrived at the office, which was stifling hot, around a quarter after four this morning.  It was warm but quiet.  Perfect place to sit and relax and drink my delicious cup of coffee from home.  It is not often that I get a chance to work in complete silence so I took advantage of the time to get a ton of work done.  All kinds of catching up I did this morning.

It was nice to have the morning to myself.  I needed the alone time.  I got almost three hours all to myself.  I got to read, write, hang out on SpiceWorks, keep up with email, do paperwork, and who knows what all.  I forgot to mention that my second monitor was finally delivered at work yesterday so I am working a lot more efficiently now.

It was definitely nice having time to do some catch up.  For breakfast, which was hours after I got to work obviously, John and I ran to Panera and picked up coffee and bagels for the office (John paid for the bagel, I just grabbed the coffee.)  I also got myself a four cheese souffle which was delicious.

At lunch I went home and had a $2.50 Tony’s pizza and visited with Dominica and Liesl and had a conference call on the phone.  I walked Oreo then returned to work.  I took the X3 back to the office as it is expected to be quite the storm tonight and I did not want to get caught being at the office with no way back home in a torrent of freezing rain and possibly tornadoes.

This evening Dominica and I watched the last few episodes of the fourth season of Doctor Who.  What an incredible season.  We are just waiting for the Doctor Who post-fourth season special episodes BluRay to release and then we will be effectively all caught up.  We have a lot of catching up to do with Torchwood now, though, and we have not yet even started the Sarah Jane Chronicles.

Liesl actually went to sleep at a quarter till ten tonight!  This is the earliest that she has fallen asleep in weeks.  It is a miracle.  Finally we might be able to get just a little sleep.  Hopefully this is telling that she sleep issues really have been ear ache related.

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