January 29, 2010: Too Cold To Walk To Work

Again this morning I was awake super early.  Not as early as yesterday, that was just crazy, but very early.  It was probably five when I woke up so I got up and showered, made my morning coffee and drove over to the office getting there around six thirty or so.  It is nice getting in early, I get so much extra work done when I do that.  Plus it is a very stress-free way to start the day because you know that you are getting in and resolving any issues that arise early in the morning instead of letting them pile up and hit you all at once when you finally get to the office.

The weather was predicted to be really bad today so a lot of people were thinking that they would not be coming in to the office today.  There was rather a serious storm last night but nothing too horrible and this morning it was simple cold and rainy but hardly “stay home from work” weather.  I drove because of the rain.  A little too much water falling to make walking worth it.

I accidentally took Dominica’s keys today so she was unable to leave the house as she had no house key.  So at lunch I drove over and picked her up and then we drove down route 161 to Northgate and hit the Waffle House there for lunch.  We are starting to learn our way around the area just a little bit and are starting to be able to actually drive places without using the GPS (which is mostly useless anyway) which is very exciting.

I left the car with Dominica after lunch and walked back to work.  It is Friday so work was busy and I worked quite late.

After work I walked over and Dominica, Liesl and I drove down MacArthur Boulevard down to Boston’s Gourmet Pizza where we met up with Brian, a friend of mine that I have only previously known online via the SpiceWorks community.  Brian has been the acting SpicePioneer for SpiceCorps Dallas and I am not his co-Pioneer helping to get that community really going.  Our second meeting, and the first one with me here, is in six days in Las Colinas.  To make it even more exciting, Rackspace is sponsoring us, which is awesome.  I am hoping that they will bring some Rackspace Blue Cloud Cotton Candy like they have given out in the past at other events.

We had a really good time at dinner.  Brian brought along some friends of his, Mike and Sara <sp>, who all live very near to us.  The pizza was actually quite excellent at Boston’s too, which I was not expecting, as no place in Texas has decent pizza.  We are having great luck finding people to hang out with in the Dallas area.

After dinner we stopped by Yogurtzone and got some fro-yo for dessert because Dominica wanted it.  It was pretty cold for fro-yo but there were a lot of people there eating too.

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