January 30, 2010: Major Migration Day

I had to be up pretty early this morning.  They wanted me to start work at six thirty today.  Ugh.  My weekends are not very relaxing.

My Saturday morning deployments ended up going until almost two in the afternoon.  I’m not exactly busy that entire time but I am tied to my desk.

This evening Dominica and I got to work on a major desktop Active Directory migration project.  We started around ten in the evening after Liesl had fallen asleep and ended up working like mad until four in the morning!  What an exhausting night.  Overall the work went well though and it was stuff that needed to be done and we were able to knock it out.  While being extremely tired I am very happy to have this work completed.  I feel better about the situation.

Simultaneously tonight I also started working, for the first time, with Rackspace Cloud Sites.  This is my first time working with a commercial hosting entity like this which, I think, most people will be pretty surprised to find.  I’ve done tons of hosting over the years but either a business large enough to do our own hosting or as a hosting provider.  So the experience that most people have, using a hosting provider, is one that I have never experienced directly.

Tonight I only worked on moving over static websites so nothing too exciting.  The first batch of sites moved over without any incident.  It was quite easy.

The speed of the sites being hosted on Rackspace is noticeably faster than it was before.  The console for Rackspace Cloud Sites took a little getting used to but was pretty easy once we figured it out.

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