March 14, 2010: All Work and No Play

This morning Dominica was right up and at Dragon Age: Origins.  She is almost done and wants to push through and complete the game as quickly as possible so that she can start it all over again.

The time changed last night so we lost an hour.  We slept in a little this morning but we will definitely be exhausted tomorrow.

I had to work all day but, for the most part, it was a slow day and there wasn’t that much to do.  So I got some time to play with Liesl while Dominica worked on her game.  She managed to complete the game, with less than sixty hours of total gameplay, by mid afternoon.  The end of the game was very challenging and it took her quite a few tries to get through it to the very end bit of the story.

As soon as she was done playing it through the first time she immediately created a new character and began the game again.  You know that she must really love this game if she is playing it a second time just minutes after having completed it the first time.  I have never done that with a game before.

The first time through the game she played as a Dwarven noble warrior.  This time she is playing as a human noble rogue.  My plan is to play it as a elven servant.  I sat down and watched as much of the starting portion of the game as possible as the very beginning of the game is where the different storylines diverge so completely.  We are pretty sure that the middle forty or so hours of the game are pretty much identical no matter which character you play.

At five this evening I got paged out.  I had hoped that that would have been the end of the work day but, as it turns out, my day was just beginning.  So instead of getting time to hang out with the family and relax on Sunday evening I ended up on a conference call that went all night.

I was on the phone for several hours and then, around nine, I had to run over to the office to work from there for a little while.  Just what I wanted to do on Sunday evening.  I worked there and got home around eleven.  I walked both ways so that was my eleventh time walking to and from the office this week.  When I got back Liesl was asleep so we put on Soap for a little bit before going to bed ourselves.

Liesl, today, has totally demonstrated that she knows where her nose and our noses are.  If you ask her, “Liesl, where is your nose?”  She instantly touches her finger to her nose and laughs.  You can ask her where your own nose is too and she touches your nose.  She doesn’t have mouth or ears yet but she definitely knows nose and possible belly button.  She is growing up so fast!

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