March 3, 2010: Off to Houston

It was a busy morning.  I got up and worked from home for a little bit then Brian drove me over to the office to cut down on the walking time.  Today is going to be one crazy day.  I am still pretty tired after not having gotten much sleep two nights ago.

Work was quite busy today.  So busy that I ended up skipping breakfast this morning so that I could speed things up and then ended up skipping lunch as well!  I was starving by the time that the end of the day rolled around.  It was good that I worked through everything, though, because I really needed to get a lot of work done so that we would be able to get out and on to the road at a decent time this evening as we have a lot of traveling to do and every minute that we leave later is a minute less sleep that Dominica, Liesl and I are going to get tonight.

I actually managed to be done with work right at five o’clock.  Dominica and Brian actually weren’t ready yet.  I had to wait twenty minutes before they were ready to roll.  They swung by the office and picked me up from there so that I could keep working until the last possible minute.  I ended up getting caught for another ten minutes but by five thirty we were out the door and on our way over to Men’s Warehouse where we had to pick up my suit that I need for the wedding on Friday.

The stop at Men’s Warehouse was very quick.  The suit was ready but there was no time to try it on since we could not get alterations done anyway.  So we just grabbed the suit and ran out the door to get on to the highway.

So it was roughly six when we got on the road to drive from Irving to Houston.  We stopped on the road to pick up some Jack in the Box to eat in the car.  JitB has a pretty big menu that Dominica and I can eat so they are a great fast food stop and the quality is really good.  We are appreciating much of the extended dining options that we have down here.

We made pretty good time once we ate and fueled the car.  It was on to the Baymont as quickly as possible to drop off Brian where he will be staying this week.  Then back on to the road to get down to the Grices’ in League City so that we could get a little sleep.  It was pretty late when we got in and got to bed.  Probably around midnight we finally got to bed.  Liesl was very restless, though, so there was almost no really good sleep for us.

We have to be up at five in the morning so that we can rush off to Bush Intercontinental Airport to get off to Vegas in the morning.  We have a very tight schedule.

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