April 4, 2010: Easter Egg Hunting Day

I slept in as much as I could this morning – not very much sleep for me to be sure.  As soon as we were up and ready we went down to the open courtyard of our apartment complex where there was an easter egg hunt set to begin.  Liesl was one of the youngest kids there.  Many of the kids were tweens and teens and some adults were involved too.  The prizes being given out were a bit extreme for the crowd varying from candy to gift certificates at restaurants to money off of rent and even free rents!

Liesls Easter Portrait

Liesl (with Dominica’s help – I was quite busy with the Nikon) found lots of candy and got a $50 rent reduction prize!  Good job Liesl.  Today she managed to earn her keep 😉

After the community Easter egg hunt, we got ready and hit the road out to Arlington again to go see the family.  I was good today and brought along the Nikon so that we could get lots of pictures.  I know that there are a lot of complaints from the family that we are not getting enough pictures of Liesl.  We have been trying but I still don’t have a desktop here in Texas and that makes taking, editing and posting pictures very, very hard.

Liesl Finds the Easter Egg

We had a really nice time hanging out with the family.  They had another Easter egg hunt out there too although Liesl was a little egg hunted out,  I think.  She isn’t really sure what she is supposed to do although she does know that there is candy to be had and she loves candy.

Liesls First Pinata

Liesl got to tackle her first piñata today too.  She needed some help from mommy, of course.  She had fun with it though.  She liked the big bunny.  She was very happy to have another day with the family and a chance to play with her cousins.  She is getting to be very social with other children after having spent so much time with her cousin Garrett.

After the easter party we returned home and spent the evening relaxing and hanging out as a family.  Brian and Tara come down from Philadelphia sometime this week (we don’t exactly when yet) so we are going to be very busy with them very soon.

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