April 3: Birthday Party

Today is a family birthday party in the Arlington area.  So this morning I did some work and we just hung out at home as a family.

We drove down to Arlington early this afternoon.  Liesl is still in family-party mode after having been with her cousins for two weeks so she was ready to have kids to play with again.  She is just now at that age where we can go to family events and she can jump right in to playing with the other kids.  It is so adorable watching her run out and play with all of her extended cousins.  She has so much fun.Liesl in Bouncy Room

They had an inflatable bouncy ball room set up in the back yard and Liesl really enjoyed that.  She got in there and played quite a bit.  Sometimes she played on her own and sometimes she played with the other kids.

We had a really nice time hanging out with everyone.  It is great living so close to so much family.  Neither of us are really used to this.  Dominica grew up near family but hasn’t been all that close since she left high school.  I’ve never lived near family anything like we are now.  How strange that we had to move across the country away from where we are from to be near to so much family.

Tomorrow we are going to a family easter egg hunt too.  In the morning, though, we have the easter egg hunt for our apartment complex too.

We got back to the apartment and I spent the evening working on papers for my masters class at RIT.  I have an insane amount of papers that need to be written this week.  I am rather overwhelmed with work, actually.

I ended up being up until around six in the morning working on my papers.

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