March 27, 2010: Packing Day in Peekskill

Today is the big packing day up here in Peekskill.  I was up by eight this morning having gotten practically no sleep.  Jen slept in a few hours longer which was pretty amazing as she was sleeping on the love seat in the living room with me going all over the house cleaning and packing to get ready for the house showing that was going on later today!

We had to be out of the house by around a quarter to eleven.  We waited until the last minute then went to the Westchester Diner for some lunch and to wait out the showing.  After lunch we drove down to the storage unit just to assess the situation and get a feel for how much work there was going to be in packing it all up.  Then back to the house to meet Brian who had arrived with his Trailblazer while we had been at the storage unit.


We were only at the house for a few minutes before we had to drive down to White Plains to the UHaul location there to pick up our trailer.  We got one of those massive 6’x12′ trailers with the double axle.  This is not a fooling around trailer.  This thing is a lot wider than the Trailblazer and no fun at all to drive around Westchester’s narrow streets.

We got to the storage unit and got straight into the crazy packing frenzy.  It actually went very well and before long the storage unit was actually empty!  We had not really been sure if that was going to be possible or not but there it is, completely empty.  Not only was it empty but there was a bit of room left that we needed to fill in the trailer so that it would be stable for the long drive down to Texas.  So we parked the trailer in the parking lot of the storage unit and drove back up to the house with the X3 and the PR5 to load up on new stuff to put into the trailer.

We did a bit of packing from the house getting all of the kitchen stuff out and miscellaneous large items from around the house like the one remaining SunFire V240 server, several plastic drawer systems, the printer, the last of Liesl’s toys, etc.  Now there is really nothing left in that house.  I can’t believe how bare it is.

We drove down and got Brian all packed up and from there he went straight out towards Philadelphia.  Jen and I returned to the house to get the last load into the cars and to lock everything up so that it is ready to be left again.

There really was very little for us to get in this last load.  We had left a few fragile items behind that we didn’t want to ship in the bumping trailer like all of the remaining monitors.  Those all went on car seats and then Jen and I left Peekskill to drive down to Philadelphia in our separate cars.

It was almost midnight when we arrived down at Tara’s house in Chalfont, PA.  Another really long day.  We are all very exhausted.  It was straight off to bed.  Tomorrow is a big travel day.  Driving from Philadelphia to Nashville, we hope.  Brian is not coming for another week with the trailer.  It is just Jen and I driving this leg of the trip.

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