April 24, 2010: Continuity of Business Testing Day

Today is our big continuity of business (COB) testing day at the office.  I was scheduled to be in the office at eight this morning so my alarm was set but I got called out a quarter after six anyway.  So I was up and logged in quite early.  I discovered that there was a major issue already and email and other things were not working.  So no way I was going to get to go back to sleep.

I noticed that Brian and Tara were already up and getting ready to depart shortly.  They are going to attempt to get out first thing this morning and on to the road back home hoping to make it as far as Knoxville, Tennessee by this evening which will let them get back up to Philadelphia by a pretty decent time on Sunday evening.

I showered, walked Oreo, made my morning coffee and walked over to the office.  It is cool and humid this morning as we had a pretty big thunderstorm during the night.  I was in the office by seven.  Quite an early day.  Good chance to get things done, though, like possibly catching up on SGL which has fallen horribly behind for which I must apologize.  These last several weeks have been ridiculously busy.

Brian and Tara were on the road shortly after I left the apartment.  Now it is just Oreo and I until Monday when Dominica and Liesl return from Houston.

Today really was the perfect day for me to have to go into the office for the COB test with Dominica and Liesl being out of town.  It might as well be a work day for me other than the fact that Oreo is home alone.

I did some house cleaning yesterday, especially in the kitchen, and got the dishes done so that Dominica will be coming home to a mostly clean house.  Being home alone will give me a lot of opportunity tomorrow to get the house into much better shape.  I would like to have taken some boxes to storage while Brian was still around with the truck because I have no vehicle at all now but there wasn’t any time for that.  So I will just have to make a pile of stuff to be returned to storage and we will have to figure out how to get them back over there in the BMW once it gets back.

My “big project” today was to work on getting SGL caught back up.  Working on a Saturday at my desk gives me extra time to sit down and write stuff.  I’ve been very remiss recently on the site and I am really trying to get that back under control.

Today was the first time that I got to really try out the Claros chat functionality from the office.  It worked this morning and was actually important in allowing me to communicate to the other offices that were part of the COB test since the internal instant messaging system at work doesn’t work (no surprise there) and we have to have complicated work-arounds in order to support basic communication functionality.

Lunch today was pizza from Boston’s.  They have the best pizza that I have found in Texas yet although I hear that Coal Vines in Southlake is really good.  Need to get up there and try it out.

I ran home over lunch and walked Oreo.  It is a bright and sunny day today – quite warm.  Being a Saturday and one of the first really warm ones this year the pool at our apartment building was very busy.  You can hear the people swimming from the street.

I didn’t have much time to spend with Oreo, though.  It was home, walk and straight back to the office where I spent the rest of the day until around seven in the evening when I ran home to walk Oreo again.  Then it was back to the office for another two hours.  It was about nine thirty when I finally got home for the night.  I ended up signing back in from home and working until almost midnight.  Sixteen hours I booked today!  What a long day.  I was very worn out by the end of it.

I am going t obe pretty busy as well tomorrow as we are going to be continuing to have issues from the testing for the next several days.  Poor Oreo is getting very little family time, I’m afraid.  He is quite lonely.  What a long week this has been for him.

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