April 25, 2010: Last Day Alone

Today is my last day at home without my family and the only day that I am absolutely, completely alone – except for Oreo, of course.  Brian and Tara made it to Knoxville last night and are attempting to make it up to Philadelphia by late afternoon today.  Dominica and Liesl are planning to leave in the morning to come back to Irving from League City.  And today I am not going into the office but am just working from home so that I can be with Oreo all day.

This morning I decided that Oreo needed some real quality time so I took him out for a very long walk, for about an hour, down Las Colinas Boulevard which has zero traffic on weekends and has a wide “park” running down the middle of it with walking paths on either side.  Oreo thought that that was wonderful.  He had so much fun exploring.  Because the path is so wide it is pretty easy for him to handle even being blind.  The only real danger is fire ants which are pretty much everywhere on that walk.

I’ve gotten very good at digging up fire ant hills the past two weeks.  I can spot them like nobody’s business and grab a nearby stick and get them all dug up which exposes them to predators and makes their hills more obvious to others.

After his very long walk Oreo got a much needed bath.  He is now all clean and soft and ready to see his family again when they get home tomorrow afternoon.

I spent the morning working and cleaning and trying to get as much done as possible before Maggie came over around one in the afternoon to visit.  We hung out for a few hours working on some stuff until her husband got out of work and came over to hang out as well.  We all visited for a while and then went over to Blu Ginger for some late lunch or early dinner.

I really wanted to relax and play Oblivion this evening but even with all of the cleaning that I did I still am unable to located my Oblivion disc for the PS3.  Brian and I are both pretty sure that I had grabbed it before leaving Peekskill but neither of us has any idea where I might have put it.  So very likely it got packed u pinto some box without a label and is now deep, deep into the storage unit.  I have located all of my other video games but not that one.  Pretty crappy.  The one game that I am really interested in playing and it is the only one that I cannot find.  At least it forces me to work instead.

The house is looking pretty good at this point.  Dominica will be happy when she gets home tomorrow.  Even the dishes are done.

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