April 26, 2010: La Cima Lunch and the Family Returns

I’m in the office very early this morning.  Oreo did not like that one bit.  I had to come in early to help out with all of the expected issues that are likely to arise from this weekend’s COB testing.  So I was up at six this morning, showered, dressed, walked Oreo and into the office by seven.  I had to dress a bit nicer than usual today because I have that lunch scheduled with La Cima to talk about membership for the office.  Originally Brian was going to be going with me today but we figured out that that was pretty silly so John from work is going with me instead.

It was a pretty busy morning.  I do like going in at seven or earlier, though, as it does give me a chance to get a jump on things and there is very little going on in the office at that time so it is a lot more relaxed and quiet.  If I go in at nine or later then there are people waiting to pounce on me the moment that I walk through the door and it is much better to have time to get caught up on emails, see what has been going on all night, get oriented and prepped for the day, etc.  I hate walking in in the middle of things.

At a quarter till noon John and I ran out to drive over to Williams’ Square for lunch with La Cima.  John had never been there before and hadn’t thought that it was something that he would be interested in at all until he went and got a look at the place.  We got a tour of the facility and then La Cima treated us to an amazing lunch.  I had the mango iced tea, corn chowder, fish tacos and the Jack Daniels chocolate ice cream.  Very impressive.

It turns out that La Cima has some really amazing member dining privileges during the day as well.  When we were there with Brian last week we had gotten the impression that they were only open in the evening but it turns out that they are extremely busy during the day and less so in the evenings.  They have free breakfast and a very low cost lunch buffet for members which is really awesome.

After lunch John dropped me at home so that I could walk Oreo and then walk back to the office while he took off to go buy a new car.

I worked for several more hours then around five Dominica and Liesl swung in to pick me up from work on their way home from Houston.  I haven’t seen them in eight days!

This evening was just spent hanging out at home with the family.

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