April 27, 2010: The “Normal” Day

My schedule is really crazy this week and today is the closest thing that I will have to a normal day at all.  I went into work at my usual time today instead of going in really early.  We talked about this today, though, and there is a lack of early morning coverage so starting tomorrow I am just going to be working earlier than I have been – attempting to get into the office around seven.  This actually works pretty well because I can get up and out of the house before Liesl and Dominica are awake and that cuts my time to get ready roughly in half.

Liesl is doing much better with her sleeping schedule now.  While she was in Houston this past week she finally learned how to go to bed when we tell her “Night Night” and she doesn’t get upset but happily goes and lays down to get some sleep.  It doesn’t work perfectly yet but she is getting better and better at it and we are on the road to a better sleep schedule.  She takes her blankie and her Cheer Bear and a pacifier and snuggles up and just goes to sleep.

Liesl has been obsessed with her blankie ever since she started watching Elmo in Grouchland over and over again.  She is addicted to that movie.  She gets up in the mornings and starts the day by saying “Elmo?”  It has been her favourite thing to watch for the last two weeks and she watches it five or six times per day.  She suddenly loves all things Elmo.

I came home for lunch today and then back for a normal evening.  Tonight was another night just hanging out with the family.  Tomorrow is our last day in Irving before we all go back down to Houston for several more days.  Tomorrow evening Dominica and Liesl are coming along to La Cima for pasta night to see how they like it there.

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