May 10, 2010: Monday

Once again, I am way behind on my SGL posts.  Argh.  My busy schedule continues and I am still struggling to keep up with everything.

Today I am in the office but still have a few more papers that need to be written today.  It was a very busy day and I was pretty worn out when I got home.

My evening, my entire evening, was spent working on the remaining papers for my class.  This went all night.  I just wrote and wrote and wrote.  I was completely exhausted but I decided to push through and, at around two or three in the morning, I finally finished by eightieth paper and was able to turn it in and call the class “done”.

What a huge relief that is.  I am definitely taking a little time this week to relax.  I have a major project for Previsor that has to be done before this coming weekend is over but for now I need to catch up on sleep and get some family time in.  This has been the busiest semester yet.

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