May 9, 2010: Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there.

We all slept in as much as we could this morning.  But sleeping in late when you have a Liesl is not very late.  We probably made it to about eight thirty before she had gotten us up and out of bed.  I got to start off the day dealing with a massive poopslosion caused by a large dinner of yoghurt and pudding last night.  Figures that this would happen when I am on diaper duty.

I did some work this morning before we left the house.  I am working today so I wanted to be as caught up as possible before going to brunch.  I did not get to do any writing this morning before we left.

We had reservations at La Cima for brunch at eleven this morning.  So we spent much of the morning getting ready to go.  We wanted to be all dressed up since it was Mother’s Day.  Dominica and Liesl had similar spring dresses on and I wore my new olive green suit that I got a month or so ago.

Brunch was fantastic.  This is our first time doing a brunch at La Cima.  It was certainly special.  We had the earliest seating.  Seating was in the main dining room or in the lounge.  The buffet was set up in the lake view dining room and into the foyer.  We even had a table with our name on it.  A nice touch.

We had omelets from the omelet bar, smoked salmon, cured tuna, pepper smoked halibut, cheese blintzes and more.  It was quite the spread and tons of food that was perfect for us.  Lots of food that Liesl really liked too.  Liesl ate an entire cheese blintz and tons of broccoli too.  She did great.

Liesl is getting used to eating at the club and is getting better and better at doing it.   She is getting exposed to a lot healthier food there too, I think.

After brunch it was back to the house and I had to spend the rest of the day working and writing my papers.  Not a lot of fun.

Dominica spent the day playing Dragon Age Awakening – the “sequel” to Dragon Age Origin.  She just got the game last weekend and has made incredible progress on it.  She is almost at the end.

I did not manage to finish my papers today but did make decent progress.  I was still writing at two in the morning but have just five papers left to carry over until tomorrow!

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