May 11, 2010: Everyone Goes to La Cima

I was pretty exhausted this morning after having been up very, very late last night finishing up my class for RIT but boy was it a huge weight off of my chest this morning to know that I had managed to finish the class completely and that I finished it a week ahead of schedule.  Eighty papers in eight weeks – that is ten papers per week for the last two months.  Ugh.  I am so glad to have that over and out of the way.

Today is my day to relax and celebrate.  I still have to go to work but at least I do not have to write anything.  That is very important for me today.

After work, Dominica, Liesl, Maggie, Reg and I all went to La Cima for dinner.  This was there first time ever going up there.  We ordered our dinner and then, while on a trip to the restroom, I realized that Brian was sitting at the bar.  Apparently he had been sitting there the entire time but we had all missed him when we had gone in.  So he came into the dining room and joined us for dinner.

Everyone had a really nice time.  The food was awesome, as usual.  After dinner we came home and pretty much it was off to bed for us.  I am completely exhausted and really need to start working on catching up on my sleep after this crazy past few weeks.

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