May 12, 2010: La Cima Orientation Day

Today is our orientation at La Cima as new members.  There is so much that goes on there and so many options and benefits that we need a special orientation class just to get the hang of how to do things at the club.

I went to work early this morning and had a busy morning.  Work has been pretty crazy recently.  I took the car this morning so that we could get to the club more quickly.  It was very warm today so I didn’t want to walk to work and get all sweaty before going to the club for lunch.

At eleven thirty I ran over to the house to pick up Dominica and Liesl and we were off to the club after about fifteen minutes.

The lunch and learn was at noon in one of the small meeting rooms at La Cima.  This was my first time getting to eat in one of the private rooms.  We were crammed in pretty tight with one surprise person plus Liesl taking us just over the room’s rated capacity.

We got lunch and a ninety minute talk on the ins and outs of working with the club.  It is amazing how much there is to know – both with how to use the local club but also how to travel and use other associate clubs when we are outside of our home market.

After lunch I dropped the girls off at home and returned to the office.  A busy afternoon and then it was time to rush home, pick them up again, and return to La Cima for our regularly scheduled Wednesday evening pasta night.  We met up with Brian, as usual, and had dinner in the main dining room.  We are loving our Wednesday ritual.  Cost effective and fun.  Liesl really likes it too.  And it costs us less than when we used to order in pasta from a delivery service which was nowhere as good as this and didn’t come with such a nice setting either.

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