May 13, 2010: Art Exhibit at La Cima

Nothing too much to report from today.  Work has been crazy busy and I am getting worn out.  Lunch today included a run to La Cima with one of the guys from the office.  The lunch menu looked really good so we just could not resist.

I talked to Dominica and she had me bring home lunch for her.  Today was my first time getting food from the buffet rather than ordering from the lunch menu.  That worked out great.  The price is fantastic as is the food.  This is definitely the best lunch value that I am going to be able to find.  I am going to be making an effort to eat here far more often.

I brought Dominica her lunch and she was thrilled with how cost effective and easy that was.  She had not realized that we could get the buffet to go which really makes lunch quick and affordable for us.  The club is really allowing us to eat far better than we used to.  I think that Dominica is going to get addicted to sending me to the club to get lunch for her.  It is very hard for her to go because Liesl likes to go to sleep at exactly eleven thirty – right at the earliest that we could go for lunch – and does not wake up until just when lunch would be ending.  It is fine for when I bring lunch home or we eat at the apartment but it does not work at all for going out anywhere for lunch.

Back to work this afternoon and then I left a little on the “early” side (five thirty, hardly leaving the office early) to run over to La Cima again for Happy Hour and the artist reception.  Brian got there just before me.

We had a good time hanging out at the happy hour and the artist showcase seemed to go well.  We were there to support them mostly and hung out until the show was over.  A few paintings were sold at the show too.

I grabbed some pub grub from the bar as take out to take home to Dominica to make the evening easier.  Brian and I left on the early side around seven or seven thirty.  Pretty good for me leaving an after work event.

Once we ate dinner, I had to spend a few hours getting set up and working on a certification exam that I am validating this weekend.  Now that I am finally done with my class at RIT I am able to focus on this exam that I have had and get it done.  It is a tremendous amount of work and has to be turned in by Monday so that is going to be my focus all weekend.  No “fun time” for me until next week.

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