May 19, 2010: The Bachelor Life

First thing this morning Dominica and Liesl got up, packed the X3 and hit the road for Houston.  So now I am going to be home alone for almost an entire week.  This will be pretty lonely but at least I have a lot of work to do and could do with some extra rest and time to catch up on stuff.

Normal work day today.  It is really starting to get hot down here in Texas.  My walks to and from work are getting harder and harder every day – especially as the sun starts being higher and higher in the sky earlier and later in the day.  It used to be easy to go in while it was still dark but now, walking there in the blazing sun makes it that much warmer.

This evening, after work, Brian and I went over to La Cima for the usual pasta night sans Dominica and Liesl.  I haven’t missed pasta night for about a month and a half now.  We hung out for a while after dinner in the bar and closed them down – which is not actually very late since they close around nine or nine thirty.

Then home and time to feed Oreo, play a little Dragon Age: Origins and then off to bed.

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