May 4, 2010: Liesl’s Big Bruise

Today was super busy.  I was up at a quarter after six and left for the office just after seven.  I sent and read a ton of emails in the interim as well.  Quite a lot of work done before seven thirty.

It is bright and sunny today after the big thunderstorm passed through the area last night.  Very wet today though.  But not so humid.  I’m able to wear heavy jeans to the office still even with me walking in the bright sunlight.

It was a crazy morning.  I was constantly scrambling to keep up with all of the work.  At a quarter till ten I had to run back over to the apartment so that I could do some work from there.  I was there from ten until almost two.  I worked from there, had lunch, walked Oreo and then it was back to the office.

This afternoon was awful as well.  Really busy and exhausting.  We had one of those days where clients kept calling and screaming at us for things that were their own faults too, which is a bit frustrating.  Three times this afternoon we had to escalate a personnel issue to management because it got so bad!  At least we got away without any of the issues being our fault but that only makes you feel so much better.

There was so much going on that even though I started working around seven this morning I did not manage to escape the office until after six putting me home around ten after.

I walked in the door to Dominica consoling Liesl after Liesl had fallen, face first, off of the couch and slammed her face onto the coffee table!  Fortunately I had just missed the horrible screaming and Liesl was calm by the time that she saw me.  She did not hit her nose or else, Dominica felt, it would have been broken.  She hit her right cheek bone and has a pretty serious bruise but no serious damage.  Dominica was icing it when I got there but Liesl was just about done putting up with that.

I did not have much time to do anything before I had a six thirty conference call to be on that lasted until eight.  Dominica and I had been hoping to have been able to have gone out for dinner tonight but it ended up being just a work night.  So we ordered in Chinese from Hunan Dynasty which was a little on the expensive side but really good and different.  Not our normal Chinese take away at all.  We watched an episode and a half of Soap.  Liesl was already in bed and asleep before dinner even arrived.

Then it was time for me to get back to work.  I am working on a DRBD project for a pair of Linux-based SAN devices.  That ended up taking me to around one thirty in the morning when I decided that I just needed to get some sleep and deal with the rest of the setup and configuration in the morning when I would be a little more alert.

I got into bed and discovered that Oreo had had an accident earlier.  What a time to discover it.  So at one thirty in the morning Dominica got up, we moved Liesl and we changed the bed.  Luckily we have a water-proof liner just for this.

So it was almost two by the time that I finally got to lay down and try to get some sleep.  Oreo was restless because we had gotten him up and kicked him out of bed so that we could change the coverings so he was up for fifteen minutes itching and walking around as he does.  I probably didn’t fall asleep till a quarter after two or later.  Pretty crappy considering that I need to be up by six in the morning at the latest.  Not much sleep for me tonight.

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