May 6, 2010: Liesl Goes Swimming, Market Goes Haywire

It was a big day around here.  It started innocently enough very early in the morning.  Got up and got out to work around seven thirty or so.  Work was very busy this morning.

For lunch today Dominica made sandwiches and had them all packed up when I got home.  Then we went down to the pool with Liesl and took her out for her very first time swimming!   She had a really good time.  The water was pretty cold, but we had the entire pool to ourselves for about an hour.

There is a lot of really shallow areas in the pool where Liesl could splash and play without us needing to hold her.  She thought that it was great fun.  She played for a long time even though the water was pretty cold.

After swimming for a while I showered and changed into more “going out to La Cima” appropriate clothes and ran down to the front office and picked up a shipment of computers that had arrived while we were in Houston and I had not had a chance to pick up yet.  It was a very heavy box so I needed to take the X3 down to the front so that I could put the box straight in.

Then it was back to work for the afternoon.  It was a rather busy afternoon too.  We had a major market event today.  Due to a massive accident with an autotrading platform we accidentally plunged the market (the Dow Jones Industrial) by nearly one thousand points – the largest intraday drop in the history of the market!  What a day.  So it was a bit of an “all hands on deck” afternoon.

When five thirty rolled around I was most definitely ready to escape the office.  I was well dressed this evening with sport coat and everything.  I ran out the door at five thirty and headed straight over to La Cima for the “firsh Thursday” Happy Hour.  Since yesterday was Cinco de Mayo today was a delayed party to celebrate it.  We had melon margaritas and free appetizers.  It was nice.  A good turnout of about seventy five people.  There were a few people from the office too so we got to hang out there.  People from another division that I only know through La Cima that I have never met at work.

Dominica ate dinner while I was at happy hour so I got fish and chips and hung out with Brian and Mahesh.  I got take away salad for Dominica and came home around eight thirty.  I got to hang out with Liesl for a little while then she went to bed just after nine.

I had a ton of work that is late for my class at RIT so I ended up staying up until two in the morning working on papers.  I was so tired when I finally got the chance to go to bed.  Tomorrow is going to be a really long day.

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