May 7, 2010: No Papers Written Today

It has been a very long week.  Between being crazily busy at work and trying to get caught up on my coursework for RIT I’m just worn out.

I was feeling awful when the alarm went off this morning and I had to stagger into work.  At least the weather is awesome.  Cool and breezy and overcast.

It was another crazy morning.  No chance to write any papers.  Then I walked home for lunch and spent some time with Dominica and Liesl.

This afternoon was still crazy too.  After yesterday’s market issues we are dealing with a lot of residual problems today.  So again, no time to write at all which is really tough because I am past due on some stuff and have a ton of more papers to get done and out of the way.

Because so much work was cancelled for this weekend I was able to go home at not too bad of a time.  Not early but not all that late. I decided that I was so tired that I really needed to relax tonight and get to bed early rather than writing more papers.  I do not have to get up super early tomorrow as the early morning work has been cancelled.  I still need to work tomorrow but the schedule is loose.

My entire weekend is going to be spent writing papers.  My window to get this class completed is closing quickly and I want to get things done sooner than later.  I am very worried that if I go past this weekend that I will not have a chance to finish them in time.

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