May 8, 2010: Paper Writing Day

Thus my weekend begins.  The goal for this weekend, for me, is to complete my class at RIT.  I have about thirty papers that I have to write before class is completed and I really, really want to have them done before the week begins.

I slept in some this morning.  Wow was that ever nice.  I really needed some time to sleep.  I’ve been getting more and more run down recently.

I got right to work this morning writing my papers for RIT.  Almost thirty papers to write this weekend.  What a long weekend it is going to be.

Really very little to report today.  The weather was nice but I was hold up in the bedroom office working the entire day.  Very boring.  Good progress, though.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day.  In the morning Liesl and I are taking Dominica out for a Mother’s Day Brunch.  So off to bed at a reasonable time so that we can get up and get moving tomorrow.

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