August 10, 2010: Achilles Heel

It seems like I can never get out of the door in the morning no matter how hard I try.  One way or another something will happen and there will be no way to escape the apartment to get to the office.  I ended up on the phone and didn’t get to the office until around ten thirty.  I did log in and work from home, of course, but it is such a problem that I can never make it out the door.  It just seems impossible.

Work wasn’t too busy today.  But before lunch Dominica called me to tell me that somehow, whilst sitting on the floor, she horribly sprained her ankle and could not stand on it.  So Liesl, who had just gotten out of the bath, was running around the house naked and in complete control on her own.  Not a good situation.

It was almost time for lunch so we figured that Dominica could wait for me to get home before we panicked about what to do with Liesl.  So Liesl was in charge for about half an hour.  Dominica was able to cajole her into letting her put a diaper onto her so it wasn’t that big of an emergency at that point.

When I got home, Dominica was still in the same shape.  I worked on her foot as it seemed like an actual sprain was unlikely.  I could feel that her Achilles tendon did not feel the way that it should.  We tried pulling on her ankle and foot to see if the joint might be having a problem.  But then I tried working on her tendon and… ta da, her tendon went back into track and instantly her foot was all better.  She went from unable to bend it at all to perfectly fine in seconds.

We watched House Hunters International and had taco salads for lunch.  It has been quite a while since Dominica made those.  She did a ton of work cleaning out our closet today too moving a lot of stuff into the dresser that was recently brought down from New York.  What a difference that is going to make.  Our closet is usable again and we can find stuff.  It had gotten crazy.  We just haven’t had enough space.

Afternoon at work was fine.  A little busy but nothing much.

Once I managed to escape the office I ran home and changed and then drove over to La Cima to meet Watson for the Tech Execs night in the lounge.  It turned out to be a really valuable evening making a lot of good contacts.

We ended up eating dinner at the club and getting home around ten thirty.

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