August 11, 2010: Learning Letters

Last night was pretty rough.  Liesl woke up in her room very early and was on the floor (we don’t think she fell, just got out of bed and fell asleep there) and was very unhappy.  So she came into our room and was awake for a very long time.  She was having fun reading the letters on her new Dora the Explorer pillow cover.  She knows several letters now like E, A and Y.

I probably only got three or four hours of sleep last night, at best, before getting up at five forty five this morning so that I could get ready and get into the office nice and early.  I left the apartment just before seven.  It was actually decently cool outside.

I was in the office nice and early which gave me some time to get caught up with things.  It was very warm in the office this morning, though, which was annoying.  Between the crazy hot garage and the crazy hot office it takes forever to just cool down.  It was at least an hour sitting in the office before I was comfortable.  Normally it is just five minutes.

My new Blackberry Curve 8820 arrived at the office today.  This is my first model with the joystick or touchpad instead of the trackball.  It will take me a while to get used to it.  This one is black like my Tour so that will be a bit more confusing than my older Curve.  At the moment, I have six Blackberry devices!  I have my two current ones (Tour and 8820), then I have my order Curve and Min’s 8830 Worldphone plus Liesl’s Pearl and the old style Blackberry that I keep in a drawer for no good reason.  I have no idea why I got this new one but the one big plus of it is that it shares a power adapter with my Tour so now I do not have to keep two different adapters when traveling.  That had gotten to be a really big pain.

I went home for lunch and made some phone calls.  That did not take nearly as long as I had anticipated so I got to play Oblivion for just a little bit.  Dominica made scrambled eggs, hash browns, toast and Morningstar bacon for lunch.

After work this evening it was off to pasta night at La Cima.  Liesl was in a poor mood this evening so Dominica decided that they should not go.  I would have stayed in this evening but we had a meeting at the club tonight so I needed to be there.  Maggie was driving in from Fort Worth as well.

I was running late when I got over to La Cima but Brian and Maggie were already there.  We hung out having cocktails for a while waiting for the rest of our party to arrive.  There were some awesome happy hour snacks out tonight including a tomato basil pesto whip on bread and goat cheese whip on bread and spinach puff pastry.  Yummy.

We waited about forty minutes in the lounge and eventually gave up on the people with whom we were meeting showing up.  No emails, no calls, nothing.  So we headed on in to the dining room.

Tonight’s pasta was chipotle cream.  It was very good although all of the cream sauces are very similar.  Mixing things up even with just a vodka sauce once a month would be a welcomed change.

We left La Cima at around nine thirty.  We never heard anything from the people with whom we were supposed to be meeting.  It seemed awfully strange that no one ever reached out to us in any capacity just to let us know that they could not make it.  Hopefully there has not been a car accident, which several people suggested might have happened.

Liesl was still awake when I got home.  We got to hang out for half an hour or so before she went to bed.  She is really enjoying having her own room.  She has a place to do everything on her own and her very own big girl bed.  She can come and go as she pleases but everything is sized for her.  It really helps to contain the mess in the house as well.

Pretty much as soon as Liesl went to bed I was off to sleep myself.  I was so tired at dinner that I had felt like falling asleep right there on the table.  I have no idea why I am so tired today.  It just really hit me all of a sudden at dinner.  Completely worn out.

Dominica only stayed up a little while longer than me.  Liesl is getting up earlier in the morning now that she is sleeping in her own room so staying up late is not really an option for us anymore.  Dominica is often tempted to stay up late because she can play Lego Harry Potter on the PS3 after Liesl goes to bed.  My game, Oblivion, is on the PS3 in Liesl’s room, though, so I can only play it when she is awake so my available time to play is much more limited.  That is handy, though, as it guarantees that I am not tempted to stay up all night playing it.

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