August 9, 2010: Liesl Gets a Potty

It is another very hot day in Texas.  I am sad that we missed all of the rains that came while we were in New York.  Texas summers are great when the rain is falling.  But when the sun is out it becomes rather annoying to have to do anything that involves going outside.

Off to work this morning.  Just the usual routine.  Just before I left Liesl woke up.  Last night was her very first night in her new bed!  She was very happy.  I asked her about it this morning and she said that she really liked her new bed.

Work was decently busy today but not bad.  At lunch I came home to be with Dominica and Liesl.  Liesl was so tired, though, that she had gone to bed for her nap before I had made it home.  So no Liesl visit time and no way for me to play Oblivion since it is in her bedroom.  Maybe that wasn’t the best planning.  On the way home I stopped at La Madeline and picked up lunch for us.  There is nothing to eat at home and Liesl’s nap timing meant that there was no way to hit the club today.

Back to work this afternoon and home at a pretty decent time today.  Work got really slow by the end of the day.

I came home and watched Liesl while Dominica went grocery shopping.  The house is pretty much bare and if she didn’t get food we would have been scrounging pretty hard to find a meal in the house.

While Dominica was out shopping she bought Liesl a potty!  Liesl has been wanting a potty of her own ever since she saw her cousin Garrett’s potty while they were on vacation on Lake LBJ.  She wants to be a big girl and we have had to spell the word in order to talk about it because she would get so excited if she so much as heard us say it around the house.  So we are pretty sure that she is ready to start potty training now.

I came out to the dining room where Dominica and Liesl were and I asked Liesl “Did you see what mommy bought you?”  Liesl said, “No.”  Then I pointed to the potty on the floor and Liesl looked down at it and suddenly got the most excited look on her face.  It was so adorable.  Her jaw literally dropped and she just stared for a minute before dancing all over the room.  Very, very cute.  She is quite proud to have her own potty now.

We tried doing some potty training tonight but it did not go well.  You cannot expect Liesl to be able to do it on the first day though.  Too much pressure if nothing else.

I did get a chance to play a little Oblivion tonight.  That was nice.  We got some cleaning done around the house too.  It is still a complete disaster but it was a move in the right direction.  Dominica got a chance to play her Harry Potter Lego game on her PS3 as well.  It is handy, but lonely, having dualing PS3 consoles in two different rooms.  It is great because we can each do what we want but we don’t see each other now.  It is nice for Liesl because she can run from room to room playing with someone in each room.

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