August 12, 2010: Slow Day

In case you missed in, the US State Department took some heat for turning down a passport application as the Chinese-American applying for the passport was too yellow (or at least in the photograph.)  The State Department claimed that they meant that the photograph was skewed too yellow but there is no colour whatsoever in the picture apart from the man’s skin so on what basis the State Department had to determine what the proper amount of yellow in his skin would be is anyone’s guess.  Apparently they don’t believe that the grass is really greener in California either but Katy Perry insists that it is true.

I was in to the office very early today getting in around seven.  I’m trying to get back to this being my normal schedule.  If I can get out of the house before Liesl wakes up I get out in half of the time and she does not get all upset by my leaving.  Once she is awake going to work becomes rather traumatic.

The morning went fine.  I stayed late at work before going home for lunch today because I had a late telephone call that I needed to be on.

I had a very productive call this afternoon.  I am helping a NAS vendor understand their market.  I do a bit of market analysis these days which is pretty interesting.  It is a nice break from what I normally do.

Back to work this afternoon.  Nothing much to report.  Played a little Oblivion this evening.  Watching a little House Hunters International which gets Dominica excited about potentially moving to Europe.  So we watch them whenever possible.

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