August 29, 2010: Camp?

We all slept in this morning.  Way too much because tomorrow I need to be up early and it is going to be very hard if I let me weekend schedule skew too much.

Today was a mix of productivity with family time.  I got to play with Liesl a lot and we all spent a bit of time just relaxing.

I spent a bit of time working on a BASH / cURL script on my laptop while we watched some Netflix.  Yesterday, Dominica and I watched two episodes of Doctor Who from the latest episodes being released to Netflix.  There is one episode that has been released but does not appear to be working so we are hoping that they get that fixed soon.

This evening we watched the movie Camp which is a movie from, I believe, 2003 and was going to be, I thought, a parody of camp movies but it was actually serious and pretty decent.

Very little to report today.  Have to be up early tomorrow.

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