August 30, 2010: Interviewing Marathon

I needed to be in to the office early this morning as I have some errands that need to be run during lunch today so I wanted to get in and get as much squared away as possible so that I would have extra free time.

I got to the office and discovered that I am involved in some serious interviewing this week.  That caught me by surprise.  It has been a while since I have done solid interviewing.  This week is looking like it might be a bit of a marathon.

I had a busy morning and then had to run into downtown Dallas to run an errand.  That took much longer than necessary due to the atrocious parking situation that downtown has.  I hate having to park (or really drive) anywhere down there.  Dallas is not big enough to warrant the parking headache that it has.

My errand was much faster than I had planned on so I was able to go home and see Dominica and Liesl for lunch and eat at the apartment before going back to the office for the afternoon interviews.  It is nice doing interviews as it really breaks up my work life giving me something out of the ordinary to do.

After work, Dominica managed to get the latest episode of Doctor Who, “The Waters of Mars”, to play now on Netflix so we watched that.  We are nearly caught up at this point.  Just waiting for the last two episodes to get released to Netflix.

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