September 16, 2010: Meeting Our Agent

This morning I worked from home.  Very important as Liesl and I have gotten so little time together this week.  Today was also the day that I got a little bit of extra time to sleep in.  The phone has been going off pretty early in the morning all week and keeping me from ever getting any real sleep.

I worked from home all morning which was great.  For lunch we went to Einstein Brothers Bagels even though we were there yesterday.  We have discovered that we really like their food which is awesome so now we have another place that it is easy to get to and not too expensive to add to our rotation.

Liesl has started recently taking her pull-along puppy with her everywhere.  She has had that puppy for a very long time but hasn’t shown it any real interest in quite some time.  Suddenly she just loves it.  She really “gets it” now which makes it more entertaining.

The amazing discovery this morning at breakfast was that Liesl likes smoked salmon!  We had gotten her her own food but she stole my smoked salmon bagel and really loved it.  Who would have guessed that a twenty-one month old would like smoked salmon?

After lunch I went home and tried to stay until Liesl took her nap but Liesl ended up never taking a nap which was not good.  So once it was obvious that that was never going to happen, I ran into the office to work for the rest of the afternoon.

After work I came home and we went out to meet up with our new real estate agent.  We ended up just meeting at La Madeleine which is really easy and we talked about some specific houses and options in the area.  It looks like we have some really good options in the area.  We are excited to get out and see them in person rather than just online.  We’ve been seeing so many on Trulia that we are pretty confident that we will find something that we like.

We are scheduled to get out first thing on Sunday morning to go look at houses.  We already have nine houses of interest before even really getting started.  Fingers are crossed.

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