September 17, 2010: Busy Friday

It’s Friday.  Got to work early today and needed to be there.  It was a crazy morning.  I didn’t have a spare moment all morning and I did not managed to even get out to take my lunch until one in the afternoon.

I just came home for lunch today.  I made myself a Tony’s frozen pizza and played a tiny bit of Oblivion while I ate it.  Liesl hung out with me and stole some of my pizza.  She went to bed shortly thereafter and then I ran back over to the office.  It was actually a short lunch today.

Even just taking a fast lunch I was all backed up with work by the time that I returned to the office.  It was totally nuts all evening too.

After work, Dominica just felt like something simple, so I drove over to Rockfish and got take out.  I had a drink while I waited and some volcano shrimp.  The volcano shrimp are the same as the fire island shrimp, just a new marketing name.  No idea why they changed it.  Everyone seems to agree that the name “Fire Island Shrimp” had more zing to it.

I ran over to Kroger too.  I had to pick up some snacks for Liesl and I grabbed a box of wine while I was there as well.  I’ve been experimenting with boxed wines with great success as of late.  Tonight we are trying a Old Vine Zinfandel that looks really promising.

It was almost eight when I finally got home.  We ate dinner and hung out for a little while.  I was quite tired and went to bed as soon as Liesl did – around eleven.  Tomorrow morning I have to be up by seven in the morning.  I have a bit of work going on tomorrow so it will be a busy morning.

Tomorrow afternoon we are all going out to Dominica’s cousins’ house in the DFW as her other cousins are in visiting from Arizona.  So it will be a family evening for us.

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