October 1, 2010: Crazy Day and Rockfish Martinis

I did my Friday morning call from the house this morning which allowed me to sleep in and spend some time with Liesl before going into the office.  It was a nice morning although I could already see that it was going to be a very busy day at work.

It was crazy from the moment that I got to the office this morning and just went and went.  I did manage to out late for lunch and come home for a little while.  Liesl’s nap schedule has been matching my lunch schedule pretty well for a while now which is awesome because we are getting so much more time together than we used to get.

The afternoon was completely crazy too.  By three I was feeling pretty exhausted just from trying to keep up.  It makes the day fly by but boy do you feel worn out by the time that it is all done.

It was a rough day for everyone so after work three of us went over to Rockfish for dinner and martinis.  It is not very often that the guys from work go out for drinks so that was a really nice change.  We ate there and I got food to go for Dominica who hadn’t felt like going out tonight – we were out at the club just last night.

It was eight thirty when I got home (I know… what a party animal) and we hung out as a family for a few hours.  I had to work at ten but that didn’t take too long.  Fortunately because after a really long day having to work tonight and then again tomorrow morning at seven makes for little chance to catch up on my rest.

This weekend we have nothing planned and will just be home hanging out.  We need a weekend of downtime!

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