November 14, 2010: IHOP Day

Dad came over this morning.  We had a pretty light morning with everyone sleeping in as much as possible and just lounging about at the apartment.  Liesl is so excited to have dad arriving here every morning.  This is a special treat for her.

Maggie came over mid-morning to meet up with dad as they have talked a bit but have never actually met.  We hung out at the house for a little bit then we all went to IHOP for lunch.

This afternoon we had to make sure that I was all ready as I am traveling tomorrow after work and don’t have time to come home after work.  It is going to be a very busy week.

Liesl got a lot of time with pa-pa this afternoon.  Liesl loves getting dedicated time with him in her room playing with her toys.  She is loving having her room back as well.  She really likes having her own space with her own sofa and chair and television and large play space where she can spread out her toys and take up as much room as she wants.  She has been sleeping far better now too that she has her own bed back again.

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