November 3, 2010: Feeling Better

I’m feeling quite a bit better today.  I went to bed early last night and slept in pretty late this morning and with all of that extra sleep I was able to mostly recover.

Busy day at work today but that is to be expected when I am loaded up with anything that I could push off from yesterday left for me today.  Filtering through my email alone was a daunting task.  Most of it, though, I just delete in bulk.  No choice there.  I average ten thousand email messages per day.  Average.  Ten thousand.  It is ridiculous.  And it isn’t like we get spam.  These are internal email systems.  This is just useless crap that the company can’t figure out to stop sending in a neverending internal storm of useless email.  The amount of money that this poor planning must cost amazes me.  You could run successful companies on the money lost from bad email management and culture in this place.

After work I went home around five thirty and had a short call with Dell and then Souder, Maggie and I went over to La Cima to meet up with Watson and have dinner.  It was a long night at La Cima!  We didn’t get home until just before one in the morning!

Fell into bed.  Catch you tomorrow, world.

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