November 4, 2010: Hearing the Heartbeat

This week is flying by.  Getting Tuesday “off” breaks up the week nicely, if I do say so myself.

This morning was spent dealing with financial issues, primarily our health insurance which we have been paying an arm and a leg to get but have not had actually turned on yet.  So, since August 1st, we have paid thousands of dollars of insurance while also paying thousands of dollars of medical bills out of pocket.  Not a good combination.  We have gotten a little desperate to get this all fixed.

After over an hour, maybe even two, being bounced from one call queue to another, I finally managed to track down our insurance folks, figure out who to call in the future and got everything straightened out.  So now, we actually have insurance that we can use.  Good thing because we absolutely needed to have it turned on today.

I came home from work at lunch to watch Liesl while Dominica went into the doctor to get a regular checkup on the baby.  She ended up having to wait like ninety minutes for her appointment which ended up only taking five minutes.  Argh.

The good news is that everything is good with the baby.  The heartbeat looks good and all the measurements are fine.  Not a lot of details today but as we had announced our pregnancy a little on the early side there is always that extra concern that the regular checkup will reveal something unexpected so we all feel much better after today.

Liesl and I had a grand time hanging out while mommy was away.  We played together the entire time.  We don’t get a lot of time just the two of us so that was a lot of fun and a nice excuse to be away from work extra long.

Dominica got home and I ran back to the office.  Mostly a nondescript day other than that.  Brian is all set to drive to Houston on Wednesday and fly back to Philadelphia on Thursday morning – a week from today.  Dad comes down to Texas to visit us for the first time a week from today as well!  Hard to believe that we are finally going to see him down here.

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