February 13, 2011: Katie is Off

Katie was up super early this morning, around six!  She had to get up so that she could get on to the road no later than seven thirty to drive down to Austin so that she could turn in her rental car and get to her flight to Los Angeles which leaves around one this afternoon.  So I got up early around seven so that I could see her before she was off.  This was a very short visit, we really only got to see her for one day.  She has a very busy itinerary.

Dominica was asleep and we both knew that she really needed her sleep so we just let her stay sleeping.  Katie was off at seven thirty and down to Austin without any problem.  Dominica was sad that she missed getting to say goodbye but we are pretty sure that Katie will be back down to visit in the near future.

My day was busily spent working on projects.  There is tons of work that needs my attention and the next two weeks are going to be extremely busy.

With the garage work continuing, it is a struggle to get anything done and the house is a total disaster.  It is awful that all of our house guests had to come in the middle of the garage work so our house was both messy and there was no new office to see either nor extra space in which they could stay.  We were not expecting the garage work to take this long at all.

This evening, while hanging out with Liesl, my glasses got broken.  Liesl barely touched them, her pigtails (a new addition to her set of “looks”) hit them and apparently her hair had enough force to break the rim of the glasses.  It broke in the worst possible place to try to fix too.

There is pretty much nothing that I can do without glasses, at least nothing that I can do effectively, so Dominica ran to Walmart to see if she could locate some super glue.

The super gluing did not go well.  We made several attempts at it and the final attempt was left to sit over night.  Fingers crossed that I have enough eyesight to get me through the morning tomorrow.

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