February 7, 2011: Full Swing on the Garage Again

Since yesterday was the SuperBowl there was no work done on the house.  That was pretty frustrating because the house is such a crazy mess.  We would love to start working hard on cleaning it up and getting it all ready for real use but we are stuck just living in it while it is a horrible mess.  Ugh.  That’s no fun.  We want to clean the carpets and put all the little things away but we really can’t get into the garage or attic to do anything like that.  So the mess might as well just remain as long as possible as any cleanup that we do today will be wiped away tomorrow.  It is really hard to live in a super dirty house for weeks at a stretch.

The electricians were back today.  Today is the big push.  We are almost there on the electrical.  Hard to believe as this has been going on for quite some time.  Almost all of the big stuff will be done today and soon everything in the house will work.  It will be a while before their drywall guy comes to do the final cleanup, so until then we have many holes in all of our walls.

While I was home at lunch today, our real estate agent called to tell us that the selling brokers on the house that we have been trying to buy, suddenly decided that we had to have the house inspected either today or tomorrow.  They had explicitly told us that we were forbidden to go into the house to do the inspections until we had a signed contract from them which they failed to deliver, even today!  Now we are pissed, suspicious and in a panic to find inspectors who can be here first thing in the morning.

I went into the office today and came home at lunch to help out at the house.

Very good progress today.  Very little to report.  They will be back tomorrow and that should, in theory, be just about the end of that portion of the work.

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