February 24, 2011: Doing the Webinar

Early this morning Brian and Tara did their final packing and were out of the apartment.  That is the end of the apartment that we’ve had in Irving since the end of December, 2009.  It never felt like a place that we really lived it, it was always so temporary.  It is strange, though, to think that that is the “home” that Liesl knows best.  She is over two years old and lived in that apartment quite a bit more than she lived in the Peekskill home that we had bought for her.  She did more growing up in an apartment that we will never see again than in her own house.  Very strange.  Fortunately I don’t really feel an attachment to the apartment in the same way that I do to the house – where I just cried and cried as I packed it up to turn it over to the renters.  It is awful sad, though, that Liesl’s childhood at this age consists so heavily of a place that none of us will really remember.  It was not a good place for a little kid to grow up.  The new house is so much better.

I went into the office this morning and then headed home at noon.  Today is my webinar with Nasuni on how to deal with a lack of resources in today’s IT market.  Mostly we are focusing on virtualization and hosted services and how these apply to real world businesses.  Should be good fun.  I have a lot of people who have said that they will be attending so that is pretty cool.

The webinar was pretty long, about ninety minutes.  I think that it went pretty well.  It is impossible to tell with these things as people are always polite and try to give you good feedback.  It felt like it went well and the participants were asking good questions which is an excellent sign.

I ran back to the office after the webinar.  Brian and Tara made it to around Knoxville on today’s drive.  They will be back home to Philadelphia tomorrow afternoon.

This evening at seven Watson met me over at the apartment and we loaded up his truck and my car with as much as we could fit which was nearly everything at the apartment.  There is just about nothing left for tomorrow.  We got the bed out which was the main item.  The plan for tomorrow is for Dominica and I to work on cleaning the carpets.  After that we can turn over the keys and be done with the place.  It is a very big relief to have that over and done with.  This place has been very expensive and a headache for quite a long time.

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