February 25, 2011: I am the Rug Doctor

Originally Dominica and I were going to go down to Houston this evening but we have just too much going on for that to be possible.  So we have altered the plan to where I am staying home this weekend and Dominica and Liesl will head on down to Houston casually tomorrow morning and come back early next week on Monday or Tuesday – whatever ends up working out the best.  I will be home working like crazy all weekend.

I went in to work this morning and then, over lunch, Dominica went to Kroger in Carrollton and rented a wide track Rug Doctor for us to use to clean the carpets at the apartment.  They were in horrible shape and really needed a good cleaning.  I mean really, really needed it.

It took me almost two full hours and five or six loads of dirty water to shampoo all of the carpet in that little apartment.  Dominica played with Liesl, mostly out on the balcony, while I did the majority of the floor cleaning.  Liesl liked being back in the apartment.  Like I mentioned in the post from the other day, this apartment is the place where she has spent the majority of her life.  It will be quite some time before she has lived in the new house in Carrollton as long as she lived in this apartment in Irving.  So to her, in many ways, this apartment must seem like home still.  She was quite upset when I had to clean the floor of her old bedroom and she was not allowed to be in there anymore.  I’m sure that she was rather confused – she was always allowed to be in her own room.

The Rug Doctor machine did a great job.  I am quite impressed by how easy it was to use and how quickly it handled the floors.  I’m pretty tempted to buy one of these for home as our carpet issues just never end.  We do more carpet cleaning than anyone that I know (we own two spot cleaners as it is plus two vacuums) and there is always someone who needs to borrow something like this.  It would never go to waste.

So Dominica took the Rug Doctor home and I went down and turned in the apartment keys.  We have almost no deposit in for the apartment so we are not expecting to get anything back.  At most it will be like a hundred bucks.  Our total deposit was only two hundred and fifty and the final water bill comes out of that so there is almost nothing left to be returned to us.

Back to the office for the afternoon and then home to spend time with the family tonight.  We have the Rug Doctor until tomorrow so I am going to get up in the morning (tomorrow is Saturday) and shampoo the floors first thing so that they have time to dry while it is mostly just me in the house.  It is really good timing for that.

Today is yet another day without seeing our contractor.  We generally only see someone about once a week.  It is getting pretty ridiculous.

We tried to hang out as a family tonight since I won’t get to see the girls again for several days.

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